Servoturn® 410/1000
Precision Lathe

Easy to operate, more reliable, more precise, for higher loads and reduced maintenance

Storlekar: 410/1000

  • Produktbeskrivning
  • Intuitive operation as we know it from conventional machines – only much better:

    • feed and thread leads can be selected via rotary switch – what a brilliant concept
    • stops can be set electronically with the press of a button
    • feeds are infinitely variable between 50 and 100% via override potentiometer – finally available on a conventional lathe
    • micro-control via electronic hand-wheels – but handling and postioning just as with a conventional machine
    • axes are powered by high-quality servo drives that translate your hand movements with the precision and dynamics of modern CNC machines
    • infinitely variable speed adjustment and constant cutting speed of headstock

    The definition of a new standard for conventional lathes had to be perfect – therefore, we complemented the Servoturn® with the following features:

    Mineral-Casting Machine Frame

    • mineral-casting reduces vibration 6 times faster than cast-iron (GG25) and up to 10 times faster than steel- this ensures excellent surface quality that could not be achieved with conventional machines
    • excellent thermal stability
    • modern manufacturing process with excellent energy footprint

    Linear Profile Guide Rails

    • maximum reliability and performance
    • excellent rigidity, strength and accuracy is achieved by optimum load distribution, designed for accepting high loads and torques
    • long life and minimum maintenance
    • replaceable parts

    Recirculating Ball Screw

    • considerably less errors due to loseness (backlash), resulting in significantly higher precision
    • significantly reduced friction
    • reduced heat development
    • less wear for even less maintenance requirements

    3-axis position indicator

    • more accuracy
    • lower error rate
    • increased productivity
    • resulting in valuable time savings
    • for increased productivity
    • easy to read display
    • operator-specific features
    • convenient keyboard layout
    • resolution: 0.01/ 0.005 mm
    • default coordinates
    • axis position is maintained when display is turned off
    • storage for 10 tools
    • radius / diameter toggle
    • mm/inch conversion
    • display for top (Z0) and box way slide (Z1) both separate and in differential / cumulative mode for lathes
  • Produktegenskap
  • Working area
    Workpiece length (max.)
    Turning diameter over bed
    Turning diameter over support
    Travel Z1-axis
    Bed width
    1.050 mm
    410 mm
    250 mm
    100 mm
    300 mm
    Travel X-axis
    Travel Z-axis
    225 mm
    960 mm
    Spindle speed
    Spindle bore
    Spindle mount
    Spindle taper
    30 – 3.000 1/min
    52 mm
    MT 6
    Feed X-axis
    Feed Z-axis
    0,01 – 2 mm/R
    0,01 – 2 mm/R
    Tapping, metric
    Tapping, whithworth
    (24) 0,2-14 mm mm
    (24) 4-48 TPI
    Tailstock quill diameter
    Tailstock taper
    Tailstock quill stroke
    60 mm
    MT 4
    150 mm
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive
    Motor rating X-axis
    Motor rating Z
    Supply voltage
    5,5 kW
    1 kW
    1,6 kW
    400 V
    Measures and weights
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2,25×1,26×1,25 m
    2.500 kg
  • Standard utrustning
  • 3-axis position indicator, 3-jaw chuck Ø 200 mm, quick-action tool holder WBD 25120 (3 pieces), quick change tool holder WBH 32130, quick change tool holder head WB, live rest 10 – 100 mm, coolant system, includes fixed splash guard (wall), protective shield for support, work lamp, operator manual

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