• Produktbeskrivning
    • Base, column, boom and gear head are made of premium high-quality cast
    • major design features include a large column and a highly torsion-resistant boom
    • boom height adjustment via a powerful motorized drive and vertical spindle
    • the boom lifting gears run in an oil-bath for maximum reliability and minimum wear
    • swivel axis and travel axis feature extremely smooth operation to make the operator’s everyday production work easier
    • a central lubrication system ensures reliable lubrication of the column

    Electronically controlled servo quill feed with large touchscreen display

    • Drilling depth is electronically set and the input value is checked by the system
    • Measuring units for input and display can be selected by the operator (mm or inch)
    • The high-performance coolant system enabled at the touchscreen and will be turned on and off as a function of the main spindle
    • The machine has 2 gear steps, and the rpm can be infinitely varied and displayed at the monitor
    • A servo motor provides infinitely variable control of the quill feed – upon reaching the preselected drilling depth, the quill automatically returns to the starting position
    • Thread cutting is, however, completely manual, i. e., the operator changes the quill’s rotational direction upon reaching the drilling depth
    • The operator sets the boom height by touching the respective icon, whereupon the system automatically releases and fixates the hydraulic clamps, turns off the lift motor, and considers all set limit stops
    • Drill head and column can be clamped/released together or separately
    • Boom can be moved vertically without losing the spindle-to-bore alignment
    • The control software also provides recommendations for rpm and feed in relation to the desired drill size
    • Various alarm screens warn the operator in case of operational errors and display information on the operational state
  • Skär parametrar
  • Drilling capacity 60 mm
    Tapping capacity, cast-iron M 50
    Tapping capacity, steel M 45
    Drilling depth (max.) 315 mm
    Throat 350 – 1.600 mm
    Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 350 – 1.250 mm
    Drill head travel (horizontal) 1.250 mm
    Speed range (2) 38 – 2.000 1/min
    Spindle mount MK 5
    Feeds 0 – 300 mm/min
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive 4 kW
    Stroke motor 1,5 kW
    Measures and weights
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2,49×1,05×2,78 m
    Weight 3.800 kg
    Part No. 101656
  • Standard utrustning
    • touch screen
    • coolant system
    • cube table
    • work lamp
    • operator manual