Rapid feed X-/ Y-axis 36.000 mm/min
Spindle speed 8.000 1/min
Travel X-axis 765 mm
  • Produktbeskrivning
  • Highlights

    • Powerful BBT 40 spindle with speeds up to 12,000 rpm
    • Rigid machine structure with extra deep center of gravity and small footprint (L version with larger work space)
    • Fanuc 0i MD control and Fanuc drives ensure a high degree of process safety
    • Short tool changing times for increased productivity and spindle up-time per shift

    Machine Design

    • Heavily ribbed machine frame with extra low center of gravity
    • The place-saving design provides added value with minimum space requirement
    • The Lupus Series features linear guides on X, Y and Z to ensure high accuracy made possible by lower friction and higher dynamics
    • 40 mm preloaded ball screws combined with a digital drive package provide a rigid table guide and high torque


    • BBT 40 spindle with dual tool clamping ensures very secure seating of clamped tools in the spindle – low vibrations result in increased surface quality
    • The spindle runs on 4 bearings for excellent absorption and dissipation of forces generated during machining – resulting in high surface quality
    • The Lupus Series features 3 types of spindles (belt / built-in / gear) with various speeds to allow optimum customization for specific process requirements

    Tool changer

    • Dual-arm tool changer with 30 stations ensures adequate flexibility and capacity for every day production needs (optionally with 40 stations)
    • Short changing times (1.3 seconds tool-to-tool and 3.9 seconds chip-to-chip) increase spindle up-time and machine output

    Fanuc 0i MF control

    • Easy programming and operation, short learning curve
    • User-friendly graphics display for visual verification of parts programs
    • Use of existing programs without reprogramming requirements
    • High-speed machining and standard nano-interpolation
    • Fixed cycles and custom macro B for simplified parts programming
    • State-of-the-Art functionality, like jerk limitation, nano smoothing, and Al Contour Control ll – compatibile with previous version series 0 and series 0i models A, B, C and D
    • Series 0i Model F are the successor models of the Series 0 and Series 0i, which are the most popular CNC controls worldwide with over 700,000 installations. STAHLWERK also features the latest FANUC drive technology.
    • With up to 4 controlled axes, the CNC Series 0i provides the best controls to meet the high demands of STAHLWERK Premium Line machine tools.

    Alternatively available with a Siemens Sinumerik 828D.

    • The top specialist for demanding milling operations
    • compact, robust, maintenance-free control panel-based CNC
    • comfortable program and parameter input via QWERTY keyboard
    • 100 adjustable zero offsets
    • Synchronous actions, and quick output of help functions
    • Siemens Sinumerik 828 D Milling
    • maximum machining precision
    • intelligent kinematic transformations for machining of cylindrical parts, and for angled workpiece levels
    • SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new Advanced Surface feature: for perfect part surfaces and shortest machining times in mold making applications
    • Highlights & CNC performance data and functions Siemens Sinumerik 828 D Milling
    • ShopMill: shortest programming time for single parts and small batch productions
    • programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions
    • unique spectrum of technology cycles – from milling contours with residual material recognition to process measurements
    • Animated Elements: unique operation and programming assistance with animated sequences
    • modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)
    • Easy Message: maximum machine availability due to process monitoring per texting (SMS)
    • SINUMERIK MDynamics package with Advanced Surface for mold making applications
    • Jerk-limited acceleration
    • dynamic feed-forward control
    • 4-axis simultaneous interpolation (X, Y, Z and rotary axis)
    • linear, circular and helical interpolation
    • tapping without compensating chuck, plus thread cutting
    • Oriented spindle hold
    • toggle between inch and metric units
    • FRAME concept for individual coordinate transformations, rotations, scaling and mirroring
  • Produktegenskap
  • Working area
    Table dimensions
    920×440 mm
    Table load capacity
    600 kg
    Spindle nose-to-table surface distance
    150 – 660 mm
    525 mm
    Travel X-axis
    765 mm
    Travel Y-axis
    420 mm
    Travel Z-axis
    510 mm
    Spindle speed
    8.000 1/min
    Spindle mount
    BBT 40
    Spindle Torque cont./max.
    70 / 95 Nm
    Spindle bearing diameter
    70 mm
    Spindle Drive Method
    Draw bolts
    PS 806
    Work feed X-axis
    15.000 mm/min
    Work feed Y-axis
    15.000 mm/min
    Work feed Z-axis
    15.000 mm/min
    Tool change type
    Twin arm
    Number of tool stations
    24 Pieces
    Tool size Ø x L (max.)
    80×300 mm
    Tool weight max.
    7 kg
    Tool-change time tool/tool
    1,8 sec
    Tool-changing time chip/chip
    3,9 sec
    ± 0,003 mm
    Positioning accuracy
    ± 0,005 mm
    Rapid feed
    Rapid feed X-/ Y-axis
    36.000 mm/min
    Rapid feed Z-axis
    30.000 mm/min
    Tool selection
    Memory random
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive
    15 kW
    Main drive, continuous load
    11 kW
    Total power consumption
    31 kVA
    220 V
    Mains frequency
    50 Hz
    Measures and weights
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2,4×2,1×2,7 m
    5.200 kg