Rapid feed X-/ Y-axis 32.000 mm/min
Spindle speed 24.000 1/min
Travel X-axis 320 mm


Rapid feed X-/ Y-axis 32.000 mm/min
Spindle speed 24.000 1/min
Travel X-axis 1100 mm

  • Produktbeskrivning
  • LUPUS 5X 30

    Premium 5-Axis Machining Center featuring a compact design and Direct Drive Technology


    • Spindle with direct drive and 24,000 rpm for superior surface quality, plus an HSK A40 mount
    • Table load capacity up to 60 kg (132 lb) for machining of heavy parts
    • Rapid feed on C axis of 60 m/min (196 ft/min)

    Machine Design

    • During the design of the ribbed machine frame, special attention was paid to high rigidity and heat dissipation
    • Bridge and carrier are made as a one piece die cast construction
    • The compact design features a small footprint
    • Directly top-mounted torque motors ensure optimum power transmission without loss of force, and maximum accuracy
    • High-grade linear guides guarantee minimum friction

    Work space

    • NC rotary table, with bearings and drives on both sides, and large swivel range
    • Heidenhain Encoders ensure exact table positioning
    • The drives are integrated in the table and a circumferential oil cooler prevents thermally induced position changes
    • The table support features an octagonal shape for minimized vibrations and optimum results
    • Wide opening doors provide good accessibility to the table


    • The HSK spindle mount with dual tool clamping prevents vibrations and ensures a secure hold of the tools
    • Ceramic spindle bearings protects extremely well against thermal effects
    • The direct drive provides high speeds and minimum acceleration times for superior surface quality

    Tool changer

    • The 24-station tool changer features very short changing times and can optionally be expanded to 36 stations
    • Short changing times of max. 2.5 sec tool-to-tool

    HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control

    • The motion control for machining centers, milling machines and lathes
    • It includes workshop-oriented programming with graphics support, a wide variety of practical cycles and a user interface with the same look and feel as other HEIDENHAIN controls
    • Conventional programs for milling, drilling and with the TNC 640 even for turning, can easily be programmed directly at the machine – in plain text, which is the workshop-oriented programming language of HEIDENHAIN
    • The TNC 640 offers optimum support with user-oriented dialogs accompanied by explanatory graphics also for turning jobs
    • Whether for standard machining tasks or for complex applications, this control supports the user with a wide variety of useful machining cycles and coordinate conversion functions
    • Quick block processing
    • Short closed loop cycle times
    • Smooth motion control without jerking
    • High spindle speed
    • Quick data transfer
    • Swiveling work surface
    • Machining of cylindrical surfaces
    • TCPM (Tool Center Point Management)
    • 3D tool correction
    • Quick completion due to short block processing times

    Optional: Fanuc 31li-5MB control

    The Series 31i-MODEL B CNC was developed for the next generation of high-performance machine tools and 5-axis machining centers. Their increased functionality and superior performance ensures future expansion and increase of machine capabilities With more than 2.4 million systems installed, Fanuc is the worldwide leading CNC manufacturer.

  • Produktegenskap
  • Working area
    Table diameter
    300 mm
    Table load capacity
    60 kg
    Spindle nose-to-table surface distance
    115 – 445 mm
    A axis swivel range
    ± 110°
    C axis swivel range
    Travel X-axis
    320 mm
    Travel Y-axis
    400 mm
    Travel Z-axis
    330 mm
    Spindle speed
    24.000 1/min
    Spindle mount
    HSK A40
    Spindle Torque cont./max.
    102 / 120 Nm
    Spindle Drive Method
    Built in
    Draw bolts
    PS 806
    Work feed X-axis
    12.000 mm/min
    Work feed Y-axis
    10.000 mm/min
    Work feed Z-axis
    12.000 mm/min
    Tool change type
    Number of tool stations
    24 Pieces
    Tool size Ø x L (max.)
    50×150 mm
    Tool weight max.
    2 kg
    Tool-change time tool/tool
    4 sec
    Tool-changing time chip/chip
    8 sec
    ± 0,003 mm
    Positioning accuracy
    ± 0,002 mm
    Rapid feed
    Rapid feed X-/ Y-axis
    32.000 mm/min
    Rapid feed Z-axis
    32.000 mm/min
    Rapid feed A-axis
    60 1/min
    Rapid feed C-axis
    60 1/min
    Tool selection
    Memory random
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive
    20 kW
    Main drive, continuous load
    18 kW
    Total power consumption
    30 kVA
    Mains frequency
    50 Hz
    400 V
    Measures and weights
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2,18×1,38×2,24 m
    3.500 kg