700×300 mm

  • Produktbeskrivning
    • designed for continuous operation at maximum speed, very quiet operation, maximum accuracy and minimal heat accumulation ensure optimum machining results
    • Dual guides for linear table motion
    • Spindle head and Z-axis move on precision linear guides with preloaded ball screws
    • Servo drives on Y and Z axis and hydraulic linear table movement can be adjusted via an infinitely variable electronic proportional valve for precise and consistent feed
    • 3-step electronic hand-wheel allows for precise positioning of the Y and Z axis
    • The heavy-duty, rigid grinding spindle head features maintenance-free preloaded high-precision angular ball bearings
    • External hydraulic unit and large oil cooler ensures thermal stability
    • automatic central lubrication system
  • Teknisk data
  • Working area
    Grinding area (max.)
    Workpiece weights incl. magnetic clamping plate (max.)
    Spindle axis-to-table surface distance
    Dimensions Magnetic clamping plate
    T-slots, width
    Number of T-slots
    Division (electronic hand-wheel) Z axis
    720×300 mm
    400 kg
    640 mm
    700×300 mm
    14 mm
    1 Pieces
    0,001 / 0,005 / 0,01 mm
    0 mm
    Travel X-axis
    Travel Z-axis
    800 mm
    330 mm
    Spindle speed
    500 – 2.300 1/min
    Feed per rotation (electronic hand-wheel) – Y axis
    Feed per rotation (electronic hand-wheel) – Z axis
    Feed speed – X axis (hydraulic)
    Feed speed Z-axis
    Autom. feed – Micro-feed Y axis
    Autom. feed – Coarse feed Y axis
    Automatic Z axis feed
    0,1 / 0,5 / 1,0 mm
    1,0 / 5,0 / 10 mm
    min. 3 / max. 25 m/min
    0 – 1.200 mm/min
    0,0001 – 0,01 mm
    0,005 – 0,04 mm
    0,1 – 25 mm
    Rapid feed
    Rapid feed Y-/Z-axis
    (10) 0 – 1.200 mm/min
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive
    Motor rating hydraulic pump
    Motor rating coolant pump
    Z and y axis servo motor
    3,7 kW
    1,5 kW
    0,18 kW
    0,55 / 0,55 kW
    Measures and weights
    Grinding wheels dimensions
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    400x127x40 mm
    2,9×1,9×2,5 m
    2.500 kg
  • Cotroling system
  • NC control
    Perfectly adapted to flat grinding, intuitive interactive programming for automatic, semi-automatic grinding and grinding wheel dressing
    Programming of grinding cycles via touch screen
    important parameters and feed rate can be easily adjusted during machining
    automatic function monitoring and error message in the display

  • Standard equipment
  • magnetic clamping plate, coolant system with magnetic separator, central lubrication, hydraulic oil cooler, grinding wheel flange, grinding wheel, diamond dresser with holder, balancing station, setup feet, tool box, operator manual

  • Tillval
  • Cooling water with magnetic and tape filtration for HFS NC