FSM 480
Manual Surface Grinder
Compact Workshop-Surface Grinder

Table Size / 210×450 mm

  • Produktbeskrivning
    • spindle resists high loads; mounted in pre-loaded angular deep-groove ball bearings ensures low-vibration operation, high accuracy, increased lifetime and low maintenance
    • completely leak-proof and balanced spindle motor with high load capacity
    • solid, vibration-absorbing construction
    • V- and flat guides in X and Y direction for consistently high accuracy
    • longitudinal table movement over linear ball guide; linear roller guideway
    • adjustable hand wheel scales for vertical and transverse adjustments allows zeroing at any position
    • central lubrication
    • grinding parallelism 0,005 mm / 300 mm
  • Produktegenskap
  • Working area
    Table dimensions
    Spindle axis-to-table surface distance
    210×450 mm
    470 mm
    Travel X-axis
    Travel Y-axis
    480 mm
    230 mm
    Scale ring division X-axis
    Scale ring division Y-axis
    Travel distance per hand-wheel rotation, X-axis
    Travel distance per hand-wheel rotation, Y-axis
    Travel distance per hand-wheel rotation, Z-axis
    Scale ring division Z-axis
    0,02 mm
    0,02 mm
    5 mm
    5 mm
    1 mm
    0,005 mm
    >= 0,63 µm Ra
    Drive capacity
    Motor rating main drive
    1,5 kW
    Measures and weights
    Grinding wheels dimensions
    200x13x32 mm
    730 kg
  • Standard utrustning
  • exhaust vacuum, work lamp, grinding wheel 200 x 13 x 32 mm, magnetic clamping plate 125 x 300 mm, diamond dresser, balancing shaft, balancing station, Angle – adjustable grinding vise, grinding wheel dresser holder, operating tools, operator manual